FOREVER-FLAWLESS - Charlotte - Professional Freelance Makeup Artist
Forever-Flawless offer a range of services to suit your desire, to name a few..... 
On the most important and memorable day of any brides life it is imperative that they have the look to match, especially when looking back on photographs. A bridal make over is simple yet flawless and used to enhance and define the features a woman already owns.
Whether it be a coming of age, engagement, prom or just a dinner date, if you have the perfect outfit then why not compliment this with the perfect make up finish, sexy and sophisticated, or a more youthful look full of colour.
Looks can be personally designed and tailored for, glamour shoots, traditional looks or your everyday family album, sometimes these need to be finished and groomed by the use of makeup.
From adverts, to extras, to the leading man or lady, I possess the skills and products for a more precise and professional look that sets the tone and finish needed to set the spark alive on camera.
With years of experience at London/Paris Fashion week, this is a much more extravagant and theatrical look that needs to be created with the utmost precision. Models wearing outfits worth several thousand pounds need the make up that matches that quality and price.
Fashion and makeup go hand in hand from the early 1920's through the decades to the twentieth century, makeup is more of understanding of history than just being creative. With my training and extensive knowledge creating a look from any era or style comes naturally
Please note that if you do not see a style or category that you think you may require my services for, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements as the above are just a few of the standard services that I offer.
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Charlotte Herman 07946 066 677
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