Skills & Expertise

During my 11 years experience I consider my skills to be of the highest quality. Some of the techniques below are more complex for the untrained to master. This is where I come in!

I use a wide range of products, such as MAC, NYX, MUA, Bobbi Brown, Estée Lauder, Chanel, Nars, Clinique, YSL, Dior, Smashbox, Make Up Forever, Anastasia Beverley Hills and this is just a small segment of my make up kit!!!

Below are just a few of the skills and understandings of specific products that I use to create the perfect look and will hopefully give you more of an insight into how I create the perfected look.


Without the perfect make up base there is no point in great eyeshadow or a fantastic shade on the lips…its like trying to paint a picture without a good quality canvas!! Every individual has a different skin tone and type so choosing the correct foundation is the most important part of any makeup..

Firstly I will determine your skin kind, dehydrated/combination/oily, then texture of foundation, fluid/powder/mouse and finally the perfect colour match and application, brush/fingertips/sponge. It is alot to think about which is why its so easy for people with less experience to get it wrong.


A lot of people do not realise that the eyebrows are the frame to your eyes, this is sometimes achieved with a waxing/plucking/threading method. However to perfect the perfect brow I use some of the top products on the market to structure and shape, creating the perfect arch and definition. This will totally open the face and correct and form balance and symmetry to the face.


When eye shadow is applied whether it is a very natural palette for a bridal makeup or a blend of brights and bolds for a more editorial shoot, the technique of where to place each shade is very important and as any good makeup artist knows will differ on each individual. Eyeshadow and contouring can really define and shape the eye as well as create different and individual styles and looks.


Everyone wants the perfect pout and cupids bow, sometimes a very natural glossy look and other times that perfect vamp red statement pout! The trick to long lasting colour and shape of the lips is to use a good base to almost blank out the colour and lines, then choose the perfect colour and finish that you desire, apply a matching shade of lip liner and precisely contour the lines, complete with the combination of matching lipstick/gloss.


As women we all want the prefect long, full and beautiful eyelashes. Sometimes this is best created by using and applying the perfect mascara and other times we all need a little help by adding false lashes, some people love them and others have not had the best experience when using them and find them tricky to apply, experts like myself find them amazing as they are so simple to use and they can transform an everyday look to a dramatic finish. With so many different styles and lengths offered today they really are an automatic transformer.